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Is all about finding the right things to do in life. As a student, you have more options than arguably anyone else on the planet. Finding the things you're good at is the key to living a better life.


Means doing what you love without all the noise. Even the most powerful and feature-full tools can work against you if used chaotically. Building a system with essentialism in mind is our goal.


True independence leads to powerful interdependence. By improving yourself, teamwork becomes a powerful experience, not a drudging one.

stress free

Why something that should be an exploration is often a nightmare? External & internal pressures make you less happy, less focused, and make you forget knowledge faster. Organization & wise habits are a remedy to stress.

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An open-for-all internet community about being a student, productivity, focus, and much more


A fortnightly discussion about all things productivity & education


The ultimate knowledge base for productive students

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